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Week starting May 12, 2013

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Mar 01, 2004



Goal Type:

World Class

Running Accomplishments:

PRs 15:34 5 K (loop course in Liberty Park), 1:08:21 (Top of Utah Half Marathon (downhill).

As a 14 year old in 2013: 4:31.58 1500. 9:35:32 3000m (Utah Youth boys state record). 17:01 5K (Draper Days). 1:15:21 half (Utah Valley (aided)).


Short-Term Running Goals:

Get the marathon under 2:20.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Make it to the Olympics in the marathon. Keep training throughout my life.


 I have five brothers and five sisters,
all younger. I'm currently studying applied mathematics at BYU (masters degree) and plan to get a PhD in applied mathematics. Not married (yet).

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 20.00 Year: 316.50
Crocs Lifetime Miles: 1237.31
Racing Flats Lifetime Miles: 251.40
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Total Distance

Took AP Physics C:Mechanics. The score approximator I used, based on my "worst-case scenario" gave my score as 0.7 points above the standard for a 5. So we'll see. The curve on physics is 50-55 points out of 90, and for a good reason. The free-response questions are comparable to Russian Olympiad problems. I got into time trouble.At least I know for sure I answered 1.3-1.7 of three correctly. I wrote something everywhere else. Hope I got enough partial credit.

8 easy. Actually. 3.5 easy, then 4.5 at night vomiting every half mile or so.

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All easy.

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Ten miles of pain with my Dad. we did 5 times one mile at 6:00 pace, with a mile rest. Sounded easy at first (how naive I was). I'd run a 10K faster than 6:00 pace, with no rest. So I asked my dad, "Only 6:00 pace? And with breaks?"

     He basically told me "you'll see". What I didn't realize was that two of the fast miles would be uphill, into a head-wind, and that the "breaks" were going to be run at a briskish pace, three of which would be uphill, into a head-wind.

  At 4 miles, 3 uphill, and two of those uphill miles fast, I felt pooped. Now I understood why we were 'only' going 6:00 on the intervals. My splits for the first two miles were 5:59 and 5:53. The downhill miles (5:50, 5:50)  were easier, but I was still getting murdered aerobically.

    The final  interval was at the end of the workout, and as a consequence I got to run the hilly course by my house (those of you who've run with my dad recently know exactly what I'm talking about) in 5:50.

Total time for 10 miles was 68 something. Felt like the workout was a success. Took a 50-minute nap after my run. More accurately I lay on the couch, incapable of movement, more dead than alive, until I had recuperated sufficiently to walk.


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8 easy.

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Eight easy.

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  Ten miles of pain in 58:34 (fortunately not in the rain). Drove up the canyon with my Dad to the magic 10-mile mark, then warmed up a half mile.

   For the first two miles I was antsy - full of little aches and doubts.Over the next 3 I felt pretty good, but was dreading the second half and potential crash. Around 3,5 we slipped on some mud. Luckily, no one fell. The near miss shook me up.

   At 5 miles, we were a low 29. Any readers will need to look at my Dad's blog for splits. I started thinking, "Each mile under 6:00 moves me away from disaster. Juts one more mile." Somehow I held on for 4 more miles, averaging 5:50-5:53.

  With a mile to go, I was safely ahead of the 6:00 guy. I took the lead, trying to not crash. For me, it's physiologically easier to lead than draft over the last mile. I feel more in control. Maybe it is my competitive nature surfacing. For all the benefits of drafting, no one ever wins a race by drafting throughout the kick.

  The hills over the last 1000 got me. The bear, no, mammoth, jumped on me with 800 to go. I may also have had physiological issues. I managed to kick over the last 200. Last mile in 6:03. Only mile over 6.

  This workout wiped me out, which was my Dad's intent. Practically everything hurt. So I guess I can consider it a success.

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